I have a problem with joint since younger age ,i have consulted many doctors for the same , usually they prescribe some pain killers and i was being told that it is due to my VSD. This painful chapter was continued in every 3..4 months cycle since 8--9 years .
I visited a very known cardiac surgeon for my VSD issue and tell him that why i am having a regular joint pain though my vsd is very small and it is not in a critical stage.
As per his suggestion i visited this wonderful lady , My first counselling was around 40 mins in fact more than that , she patiently listened to my problems and given me a list of tests that needs to be done in order to properly diagnose my problem, firstly i was scared as list is too long and tests are costly !!
stilli can remember her words "Beta these are once in a life time tests , so you may not need to do the same test again".
tests are done my disease is diagnosed *** *** ********** *** ***** ********* *** *** ********
Now Finally i got some relief from this regular joint pain .
Narayan Tripathyvisited
I am giving feedback on behalf of my father* **** ***** ***** ** **** ****** ** *** ****** My father condition was so severe when he was affected with Rheumatoid arthritis, she with her understanding and diagnosis started his medicines even a day before test results came out so that my father can get inmediate relief.
No doctor can share his/her thoughts so freely and transparently as she does. My father has *** relief in a couple of months. I strongly recommend DrSonalMehra for any patients suffering disease which falls into rheumatology. Not only this she will share with you all disease details and will give you references from where you can verify your treatment is going in right direction or not.
Ashwani GuptaVisited for Rheumatic Arthritis
The Dr had a detailed examination before she made a conclusion on the diagnosis. Comprehensive tests were carried out and consultations made with other specialists before concluding. Overall the Dr was very inclusive and hand's on in her approach. Many thanks for sharing her analysis and recommendations on the line of treatment.
Anshoo Gambhir
The doctor started discussion with a plethora of questions about my mum's medical history. Her qns were very unique and to the point.
She checked the muslces and bones of my mom from top to bottom. Then, she gave the feedback and suggested the minimum essential medicines. She stressed more on physiotherapy which I completely agree with. All in all, a very dedicated doctor. I hope her suggestions shuru help my mom start walking effortlessly.
NeeleshTanwarVisited For Arthritis
I have never seen such a dedicated doctor.
Thank you for your cheerful & sincere approach to ur patients. Extremely thankful & really it was a worthy visit.
Mohd ZayaanVisited ForAnkylosing Spondylitis
Dr. Sonal Mehra is very good , specially the way she is giving solutions for my problems was very nice.
Sarita Gupta
The very main thing about her is that she listens patientialy EVERYTIME you visit her and then take her time to wholly examine every potentially affected joint. ********* ********* **** ****** ************

Visited ForRheumatic Arthritis
Very experience holder *** **** ********* ********** I am fully satisfied her advice so i shall start treatment by her
Bansidhar JoshiVisited for Rheumatic Arthritis
Very experience holder *** **** ********* ********** I am fully satisfied her advice so i shall start treatment by her

MrenasrinVisited for Rheumatic Arthritis
****** *** **** ****** **** *** listen everything very carefully & explain me every aspect of my problem
Dinesh bhardwaj
She's a lovely doctor with loads of patience. She hears you out and then clarifies all your queries and doubts. She puts you at ease from the very beginning. Very professional and dedicated.
Hiteshi Taneja
Very good doctor. Our experience was very nice. She gives enough time to know the problem. I have never seen such a doctor who questioned in such a broader range to determine the problem. She will make you feel friendly which is very rare now-a-days. Thank you Doctor !!
Ashim PradhanVisited for Vasculitis Treatment
*** ** *** **** ********* ****** * **** **** ******** The way she talks shows how experienced she is. She explains everything so clearly that you would not have a doubt in your mind. She is so polite and would listen to you very patiently. I would recommend her to all my friends and family members for any related problem.
Rahul BishnoiVisited for lower back pain neck pain
I visited along with my parents to get advice on father's arthritis condition. She was very through while checking up and explained the symptoms very clearly and suggested all possible approaches and recommended one based on my father's current state of arthritis.
Good doctor !!
Kumar AmarVisited For Arthritis
My experience was very good she is very humble. Give 45 minutes thoroughly examination . Proper advice . She is great human being. I recommend
Dr gathered the patient information and medical history followed by examining/ checking reports to conclude treatment direction
Prabhjot Singh
DrSonalMehra is a excellent dockter. She is very simple and good behaviour. Good experience.
Very good doctor..listens well to patient and give sufficient time for consultation. Strongly recommended .
Akhilesh YadavVisited for Rheumatism Treatment
**** ****** *** ************* Given full time to understand the root cause of problem. Very much recommended
Pawan KumarVisited for Spondylitis
very good and cooperative .she diagnosed problem very thoroughly.and literate us in good manner. Thnks
Neha JainjetlyVisited for Rheumatic Arthritis
Very good & detailed examination.Very good diagnosis &explaination. Dr. was very polite & described various alternatives.
Rajeev GargVisited for Psoriatic Arthritis
She gave sufficient time which is often not the case with good Doctors .educated me about my disease .really a good Doctor
I will definitely recommend her.
Brijesh DewanganVisited for Joint Pain
Wonderful******** *********** ********.She listens your all the problems since inception..diagnose you very well...Gives sufficient time to all patients.... I am very much satisfied...

Arun AggarwalVisited for Rheumatic Arthritis